Does It Really Matter If Floss Is Waxed?

Choosing waxed or unwaxed floss seems like such a tiny choice, one that wouldn't matter in the end. But that layer of wax can make a difference — both good and bad. It's important for you to find floss that you feel comfortable using as any floss is better than no floss, and you don't want to end up not flossing because what you have is difficult to use. Wax can make it both easier and harder to get the floss between your teeth, although if you have orthodontic devices like braces, you may find waxed makes life easier. Overall, though, it's what you prefer that counts.

It Often Depends On Your Teeth Spacing

If the spacing between your teeth is tight, waxed floss can both help and not help. It can help in that the wax acts a bit like a lubricant, allowing the floss to slide more easily between the teeth. However, if your teeth are spaced very tightly, the waxed floss might actually be a little too thick, making it uncomfortable to use. Unwaxed floss can generate more friction, but it is thinner than waxed floss. You may also want to ask your dentist about increasing the space between your teeth a bit so that you can floss more easily; this will likely require orthodontics.

Your Personal Comfort Is The Main Thing

Waxed floss is often flavoured, usually with mint or cinnamon, making it a little nicer to use. Overall, whatever you feel most comfortable using should drive your floss purchases. It is better to use either unwaxed or waxed floss than no floss, so while things like tight tooth spacing can certainly influence what you buy, in the end, it's really up to you.

Orthodontics Pose An Obstacle

Do be aware that if you have orthodontic devices like braces or a permanent retainer, waxed floss may be easier to use. Unwaxed floss can shred quickly, and it can be harder to slide under or around the orthodontics.

Allergies Are A Real Factor

While allergies to the coatings used on wax dental floss are rare, they do exist. If you notice irritation after using waxed floss that does not appear to be from separate gum problems or from using the floss too roughly, stop using the waxed floss and use unwaxed until you can speak to your dentist.

Flossing itself is important, so as long as you do floss, you can choose waxed or unwaxed. If flossing seems to be difficult no matter which type you choose, however, then you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

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