How Emergency Dentists Differ From Regular Dentists

When you have a dental problem that needs immediate treatment, an emergency dentist is the person to see. The main difference between emergency dentists and regular dentists is that you can see an emergency dentist right away. You usually need to book an appointment with regular dentists. But that's not the only difference.

Emergency dentists differ from regular dentists in several ways.

Trained to perform quick assessments of dental issues

Because emergency dentists need to act fast to treat the dental issues of their patients, they have the training and experience to perform quick assessments. This is important because dental emergencies require fast treatment. For instance, if a patient arrives at a dental office with a knocked-out tooth, the emergency dentist needs to get the tooth back in the mouth quickly.

Trained to perform minor surgical procedures

Dental emergencies often involve injuries that require surgery, such as avulsed teeth and tooth infections. So emergency dentists have the training to carry out minor surgical procedures like:

  • Root canals
  • Dental decay removal
  • Avulsed teeth replacement
  • Wound suturing

Regular dentists can sometimes offer these services too, but not immediately. And if an emergency dentist decides that a dental case is too serious for their surgical skill or training, they can quickly recommend a dental surgeon to take on the job.

Equipped with tools and technology for emergency treatment

The dental clinics of emergency dentists are equipped with the tools and technology that allow them to perform treatment right away. These clinics are also set up and ready for patients to arrive with emergency cases. Some emergency dentists also have the ability to take their emergency equipment with them to the sites of dental emergencies.

So if you suffer a dental injury while taking part in sport, then an emergency dentist may have the ability to treat you at the site of the injury.

Trained to deal with traumatized patients

Dental emergencies usually deal with dental injuries, painful tooth infections, and even fractured jaws. This means that the patients of emergency dentists are often traumatized when they arrive for treatment. Because of that, emergency dentists need to be able to recognize the signs of emotional or mental distress and take steps to calm their patients down before and during treatment.

If you have a dental emergency, such as a bad tooth infection or a sports injury, get in touch with an emergency dentist. Emergency dentists are experienced and trained to tackle a range of dental emergencies.  

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