Visiting Your Dentist for Botox and Fillers

In recent years, many cosmetic dentists have started to offer treatments that extend beyond dentistry. These include popular facial aesthetic treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers. If you are considering these treatments, then your dentist is the perfect professional to provide them. Here are several reasons why.

1. Deep Understanding of Facial Structures

Dentists study facial anatomy extensively as a part of their training. They understand how various facial parts work together to create normal function and movement. As a consequence of this deep knowledge, dentists know exactly where they can apply Botox and dermal fillers. They also understand the consequences of not using the treatment correctly. Other providers of these treatments may not have this knowledge, leaving you at a potentially higher risk of complications.

2. Experience of Giving Injections

Dentists frequently administer injections as a part of standard dental practice. Therefore, hygiene and safety protocols are second nature to them. You can trust a cosmetic dentist to inject your dermal filler or administer a Botox injection with the highest level of skill and in compliance with all standard guidelines. You can be completely confident that you do not face any risk of injury or infection transmission as a result of your treatment.

3. Full Licensing

All sources advise that you should only receive Botox or dermal fillers from a practitioner who holds a license to administer those treatments. However, checking the credentials of a beautician or other provider can be difficult. Many businesses offering these services may not be well-established, leaving you with little recourse if you later want to complain or get redress for complications that you have experienced. On the other hand, dentists usually have well-established practices and are happy to provide details of their qualifications to patients.

4. Ready to Handle Any Complication

Botox and dermal fillers occasionally give rise to complications. When these occur, it is very important that you are being treated by an experienced professional who can take the appropriate steps to put things right. Dentists are trained to handle emergencies and have a proven ability to stay calm in any unexpected situation. In the unlikely situation that something goes wrong with your Botox or dermal fillers, they have the necessary understanding of facial function and aesthetics to be able to put things right. You can also visit a cosmetic dentist for help if you have previously received treatment from a less qualified professional that has gone wrong.

To learn more about Botox and dentistry, talk to a dentist in your area.

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