The Dos and Don'ts of Caring for Porcelain Veneers

Are you about to replace some missing teeth? One of the most popular options amongst those who want a new smile is porcelain veneers. In addition to looking natural, they're ideal for anyone who wants a Hollywood smile. Before you make the most of yours, it's time to learn more about how to care for them.

Do Eat What You Love

Although you want to care for your new teeth, you shouldn't make your life revolve around them. Because of this, if you're usually a fan of sipping red wine or eating spicy curries, continue doing so after. If your veneers do fade, you can always talk to your dentist about brightening options. The only exception to this rule is anything that requires tough chewing. It's definitely worth skipping hard toffee in favour of softer versions, as it can chip your teeth.

Don't Skip Dental Appointments

Seeing your dentist is just as important after veneers as it is before them. You still need to keep conditions such as gum disease at bay, and your veneers attract tartar just like your normal teeth do. At each appointment, you'll have the chance to enjoy dental cleaning and bespoke care advice. By keeping your gums and veneers clean, you can make sure they last longer and avoid premature replacements.

Do Use Soft Bristles 

If you're usually a fan of hard bristles, now is the time to switch to a new type of toothbrush. Hard and medium bristles may scratch the surface of your dental veneers, which in turn can cause them to look dull. In contrast, a soft toothbrush will still keep your mouth clean, without causing as much damage. Continue to change your toothbrush every three months too so that the bristles are still working effectively.

Don't Grind Your Teeth

Clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth are both natural responses to stress. But when they become routine habits, you increase the risk of damaging your veneers. If you notice yourself clenching, try using relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises. Also, if you're routinely waking with jaw pain it may be that you're clenching your jaw in your sleep. When this happens, it's wise to see a dentist so they can investigate the issue.

Finally, if you notice that one of your veneers doesn't feel right, contact clinics like Whitehills Dental Practice as soon as you can. By responding to issues as soon as they arise, you can reduce the likelihood of them getting out of control.

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