Do You Always Need to Use Denture Adhesive With Dentures?

If you are planning to get dentures soon, then you are probably aware of denture adhesive and its purpose. Most patients only use denture adhesive as they're getting used to wearing dentures. And in some situations, when you need more security, denture adhesive can help.

But you might wonder whether it's necessary to wear an adhesive all the time. Here's a quick look at some potential answers. 

1. Use adhesives if your job requires a lot of speaking or singing

Some occupations put more strain on the mouth than other occupations do. For instance, teachers and singers rely on their vocal cords to do their jobs. Although your denturist will work with you to ensure that your dentures fit as snugly and comfortably as possible in the first few weeks, denture adhesive may help until you get used to wearing dentures at work.

2. Use adhesives to feel more secure in certain social situations

You can also use denture adhesive to hold your dentures in place if you are going to a social gathering of some kind. For instance, if you are going out for a meal with someone, then denture adhesive can help you to feel less anxious about whether something will come loose or pop out your mouth. You can then enjoy yourself without worrying about the stability of your denture.

3. Use adhesives if you suffer from dry mouth due to medication

The film of saliva on the gum tissue provides suction that helps to keep dentures in place. But if you take medication that causes dry mouth, then you may need denture adhesive to help keep things in place. Cold medication can cause dry mouth, as can certain allergy medications. While you shouldn't rely on denture adhesive all the time, it helps to keep some denture adhesive available just in case.

4. Don't use adhesives if your dentures don't fit well

Your denturist will make sure that your dentures fit snugly. But it's up to you to let them know if you experience discomfort. Remember that well-fitting dentures don't require denture adhesive. They should remain in place because they fit well, not because they are glued in place with denture adhesive. So if your dentures don't fit well, don't use denture adhesive to make them stay in place. Instead, inform your dentist or denturist and have them adjust your dentures so that they fit better. 

For more information about dentures, reach out to local dentists and denturists.  

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