5 Tips for New Denture Users

Dentures provide a lifeline for people who have lost teeth, as they make eating and speaking easy again. However, it can take a while for new denture users to get used to their new teeth. Here are some tips that can help. 

1. Keep Dentures Damp

When you are not wearing your dentures, keep them submerged in liquid so that they don't dry out. Clean water is fine as an overnight storage solution, but you might prefer to use denture-cleaning solution, so your dentures can get clean as they soak. If you let your dentures dry out, they can easily break or warp, so it is important to keep them in liquid.

2. Brush Dentures Daily

Just like natural teeth, dentures need daily brushing to keep them clean. If you do not brush your dentures, plaque can build up on them just like it does on teeth, which can contribute to gum disease. Be sure to clean your dentures with a soft toothbrush every morning and evening to remove particles of food and plaque.

3. Brush Your Gums Too

In addition to keeping your dentures clean, it is also important to prevent plaque build-up in your mouth. Before or after you brush your dentures, use a soft toothbrush to gently brush your gums as well. The brushing motion not only removes plaque but also stimulates your gums to promote blood flow and help keep them healthy.

4. Practice Speaking With Your New Teeth

Speaking with dentures can be difficult can first. The muscles in your mouth need to get used to working with an unfamiliar set of teeth to form sounds and words. The more often you practice, the faster you will become proficient at speaking without lisping. Try reading from a favourite book so you can practice forming a wide range of words.

5. Learn to Correct Dentures When They Slip

Well-fitting dentures usually stay in place very well, but sudden movements such as sneezing or laughing can cause them to slip. The easiest way to correct slipping is to bite down on the dentures and swallow. In most cases, this simple trick can bring the dentures back into the correct position without embarrassing you.

If you find that your dentures often slip out of place or that the slippage is difficult to correct, ask your dentist for advice. Your dentist might need to adjust the dentures so that they are a better fit for your mouth.

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