Dislodging Dentures: Would You Know What to Do If They Became Stuck?

Dentures can act as a permanent replacement for missing teeth, but if you actually think about it, the idea of 'permanent' can be open to interpretation. Your first set of dentures might not be your last set of dentures. Over the years, they will need to be occasionally relined so that they continue to fit. They might also need minor repairs and, in some cases, outright replacement. Also, it's not as though they will permanently remain in your mouth. Unless otherwise directed, they should be removed overnight and allowed to soak. But what about if you were unable to take your dentures out? Would you know what to do if they became stuck?

Avoiding Stuck Dentures

There are some scenarios which can make stuck dentures more likely, so it's best to avoid these altogether. 

The acrylic resin in the denture plate can be reactive to temperature, so don't soak your dentures in hot water, as this can cause the acrylic resin to warp, potentially changing their shape to the point that they can become wedged in place.

If you ever remove your dentures during the daytime, never place them in direct sunlight. Again, this can cause warping.

If you drop your dentures, it's more likely that they will simply crack, but sufficient force might also cause a distortion of the base plate. Always inspect them carefully after a drop to make sure that they haven't changed shape.

Prevention is the best course of action, but that's of little comfort when you realise that your dentures are stuck. So what should you do?

Removing Stuck Dentures

Getting those dentures out requires caution, since you don't want to inadvertently hurt yourself. Start by taking a generous sip of water and swirling it around inside your mouth. This can break the suction of your dentures against the roof or base of your mouth, hopefully dislodging them. You might also need to gently prise them out of position using your fingers, but be very careful. Never use a foreign object as a lever, since it's very easy to penetrate the soft tissue inside your mouth.

If you're unable to easily dislodge your dentures, you will need to visit a dentist immediately to have them removed. You will have to visit a professional in any event since your dentures will need to be repaired or replaced; otherwise, you will find yourself in the exact same situation the next time you put your dentures into your mouth.

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