Three Tips for Learning to Eat with Dentures

Missing teeth can make a person feel very self-conscious, so it is a relief when you get new dentures and can smile with a full mouth of teeth again. However, new dentures are not without their own learning curve. Learning how to eat with dentures, for example, is one task you need to get your head (and mouth) around. As a new denture wearer, here are three tips to help you eat with confidence as you adjust to a life which involves replacement teeth.

Start Soft

As you get used to eating with dentures, be careful about which foods you eat. It is recommended by dentists that you choose soft foods in your first few days of denture wear. This is because your mouth needs to get used to wearing dentures, and you may feel discomfort as your gums adjust to the denture rubbing against them. If you try to eat solid foods while this adjustment takes place, then chewing these foods pushes the denture onto the gum, which increases the discomfort. Get used to the dentures before you use them to eat a normal diet.

Be Mindful of Hot Drinks

Eating food is one new trick to learn, and the other thing you need to be careful of from now on is hot beverages. Dentures are a replacement for your missing teeth, but they are not embedded in your gum as a natural tooth is. This means there is a small gap between the denture and your gum line. Hot liquid trapped in this small gap could lead to major burns. Therefore, now that you are wearing dentures, be sure to carefully sip each hot drink to ensure it is warm and not scalding.

Practice Even Biting

Because you were missing some teeth, you will notice your mouth has adjusted accordingly and you subconsciously chew your food on the side of your mouth that has the most natural teeth. Now that you are wearing dentures, you must retrain your mouth to chew on both sides. The reason for retraining your mouth is that your denture will move out of place if you do not use it while chewing your food. To retrain your mouth to chew on both sides, chew slowly and focus on your bite action in the first few weeks of eating after your dentures are fitted.

If you have any other concerns about learning to live with dentures, have a chat with your dentist or a professional at a denture clinic.

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