Are Your Dentures Giving You Headaches?

If you've recently started to get regular headaches, you may have visited your GP to see if there is a problem. If your GP can't find anything wrong with you, then you'll be relieved but still puzzled about why you're getting more headaches than usual.

If you wear dentures, then your headaches may actually be coming from your teeth. Why do dentures sometimes cause headaches, and what can you do about it?

New Dentures and Headaches

If you're a new denture wearer, then your headaches may just be a temporary side-effect of wearing false teeth for the first time. Wearing dentures takes some getting used to.

Dentures put different kinds of pressure on your mouth and jaws than natural teeth. This may give you some headaches until you adapt.

Also, some people get stress headaches when they start wearing dentures because they clench their jaws more in an unconscious effort to keep the teeth in. Once you relax into wearing your new teeth, these headaches should subside.

However, sometimes people get headaches from new dentures because the teeth fit badly. If your impressions didn't create a good match between your mouth and your teeth, then the dentures could put pressure on your face that spreads into your head.

If your headaches don't stop once you've gotten used to wearing dentures, see your dentist to have the teeth checked over. They may need to be adjusted or even made over.

Older Dentures and Headaches

Older dentures are more likely to give you persistent headaches. This often isn't down to the dentures themselves but to natural changes in your jaw.

The longer you wear false teeth, the more your jaw changes. Its bone can shrink and become thinner than it used to be. While this isn't a problem for you in itself, it does mean that your dentures will lose some of their initial fit as they get older.

If your dentures don't have a good fit, then your bite may be affected. An uneven bite can put pressure on your jaws. If your jaws are sore or are moved out of their normal position, then they can give you headaches. 

If you think your denture fit is giving you headaches, see your dentist. They can reline the dentures to compensate for the changes in your mouth. This procedure adds shape and bulk to older dentures, allowing them to fit around your gums better. This should relieve pressure on your jaw and stop your headaches.

For more information, contact a local clinic like Care Dental.

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