Follow These Tips to Maintain Your Teeth When Using Invisalign

There was a time when the only way to correct misaligned and crooked teeth was by getting braces. Most people that used braces complained about the strain which they place on the teeth and the gums, and also the stigma which comes with wearing them. However, after the introduction of Invisalign, it was now easy to gradually align teeth till they got to their desired position without using dental wire. However, like the braces and all other dental products, there are certain maintenance tips which you ought to follow to have an easy time with the aligner trays.

Have them fitted by a professional

The aligner trays are supposed to fit perfectly over each of the teeth that they will be pushing into position. The effect can only be achieved when the trays are the right fit for your teeth. To ensure they are the right fit, you will need a competent orthodontist to take the measurements and have them custom made. You will also need to try them at the office and ascertain they are the right fit before taking them home.

Remove trays to eat

Another essential tip to help you handle your braces in the right manner is removing them before you eat. This will reduce the possibility of food getting stuck in the trays, or the trays accumulating plaque. You should always remove your trays, eat your food and then brush before putting the Invisalign back in the mouth. This is the procedure which makes Invisalign better for your teeth than the regular braces.

Invisalign use at night

You are not supposed to use Invisalign when you are sleeping. This is the time when most people take their aligners out and clean them. To clean your aligners, start with lukewarm water and soak the retainer. Use a mild toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the entire retainer inside and out. Rinse when cleaned. Keep checking the retainer for any signs of calcium buildup and if any appears, use a specially designed solution to remove it.

Other care tips which you need to think about include avoiding drinks such as dark coffee and juice. This is because they stain the surface of the retainer and the trays. You also need to avoid extremely hot liquid because retainers are made from plastic, which warps when dipped in hot water. Finally, always consult your Invisalign dentist about anything you aren't sure about regarding your Invisalign trays. 

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