How Dental Fillings Have Changed To Match Modern Times

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and nowhere is this more evident than in the dental industry. Practitioners are now able to use materials that were unheard of a generation ago to make their work a lot easier, to make the experience more pleasant for the individual and to ensure that any dental repairs can last for a long time. Take fillings, for example.

In the early days, the dentist would have to use a material known as an amalgam, which is made mainly from metal. They were certainly hard-wearing and functional, but they didn't look particularly good, and the body may have a tendency to react with the material in certain circumstances. What has changed today? 

Modern-Day Requirements

To begin with, people are a lot more concerned with their appearance and insist that any filling matches the original teeth as much as possible. The dentist is now able to oblige by using restorations that are made from porcelain or composite resin. These not only look great, but they also bond very well to the enamel and natural dentin found within the tooth. When the patient leaves the dentist's office, they will have a filling that blends in well, is as strong as the original and can cope with the tremendous forces applied when eating.

Perfectly Matched

Some people are particularly concerned about their appearance, and if this is the case, they can now choose fillings that are perfectly matched to the colour of the teeth that surround it.

How This Is Done

The dentist will begin their work by cleaning the host tooth and getting rid of any imperfection before sealing it with a special resin-based coating. This provides a good base and a bond and will prevent any shrinkage following the procedure. The dentist will then apply a number of composite layers, piece by piece on top of the tooth, to replicate the original shape and design perfectly.

Time for Your Visit?

As you can see, today's filling is unobtrusive, very strong and perfectly safe. The modern-day dentist is also well trained in the techniques required to take full advantage of these upgrades and can help to repair even the most complicated problem experienced by those who have been slow in coming forward. Therefore, if it's been some time since you visited the dentist for some much-needed work, give them a call to see how you can take advantage of this great technology.

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