Handy Tips to Keeping Your Whitened Teeth Brilliant for the Long Term

While over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are a convenient and affordable way of sprucing up the appearance of your teeth, their results are incomparable to professional whitening at your dentist's office. Furthermore, professional teeth whitening also accords you time efficiency since the process is quick and efficient. Nevertheless, even teeth that are professionally whitened will eventually succumb to discolouration, especially if you do not change your habits that stained your teeth in the first place. Therefore, it is circumspect for you to know how best to protect your whitened teeth so that you do not have to undergo this procedure on a regular basis. Below are several handy tips you can employ to keep your whitened teeth brilliant for the long term.

Eliminate highly pigmented drinks from your diet

There is an array of indulgences that people like to enjoy, even though these beverages could be extremely harmful to the colouration of your teeth. From rich red wines to back coffee, regularly ingesting these drinks can quickly compromise the incredible results of your teeth whitening procedure. If you cannot eliminate these drinks from your diet, it is critical to take time to rinse your mouth every time you drink them. Additionally, you could consider less pigmented options such as a milk coffee rather than black. Take note that coloured carbonated drinks can erode your enamel and accelerate staining.

Increase your water intake

Everybody knows that drinking a lot of water throughout the day is great for their health, but did you know that this habit is excellent for your teeth too? When you are continuously drinking water, you are inadvertently rinsing your mouth. Hence, as the water limits the presence of bacteria and plaque, it also washes off any pigmentation on your teeth's enamel for the foods and drinks you are ingesting. Thus, once you get your teeth whitened, you should strive to stay hydrated every day.

Brush regularly with a soft-bristled toothbrush

Hard-bristled toothbrushes may seem an ideal option for thoroughly cleaning away particles trapped in your teeth, but these types of toothbrushes can be extremely detrimental to your teeth's enamel. And if you start to experience enamel erosion, it is highly likely that you will develop extrinsic teeth stains. If you have recently elected to have teeth whitening, it is advisable to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Moreover, you should try to brush your teeth after each meal to keep them stain-free.

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