The Truth About the Teeth Beneath Veneers: Are Natural Teeth Safe Under Veneers?

In order to place veneers, a cosmetic dentist removes a small amount of enamel from the tooth to be treated. Naturally, this process weakens teeth. However, it is necessary. Since veneers attach to the sides of teeth, enough space needs to be made for them to ensure they don't appear bulky. You may, however, be wondering if this process harms your natural teeth.

Although it is true that a small amount of enamel must be sacrificed for veneers, your natural teeth should be perfectly safe. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

Bacteria Cannot Reach the Tooth

Once a dentist has etched a tooth using acidic etching gel to roughen the surface of a tooth, they disinfect it. They then apply composite resin, a cement that both seals the tooth and prevents bacteria from entering. If placed by a skilled dentist, the tooth structure behind a veneer is safe from bacteria and acid erosion.

Veneers Are Easy to Care For

Veneers are easy to care for, but they won't do it themselves. If you want them to perform at their optimal level, you need to practice excellent oral hygiene. Bacteria can cling to your teeth and devour the sugars that you eat. If not removed, they multiply and form a layer of plaque which soon forms into a layer of tartar.

If out of control, bacteria can attack the edges of your teeth where they meet the veneers. Eventually, they may even spread between the veneer and tooth. However, if you ensure that you simply floss the edges of your veneers and brush twice a day, your natural teeth should be fine.

Crowns Offer Slightly More Protection

If you still have reservations about veneers, consider a dental crown. Just as veneers do, crowns cover teeth. However, crowns cover the entirety of a tooth whereas veneers fit over the front surface. If you desire to have more protection for your tooth, you could progress from a porcelain veneer to a porcelain crown. This would also give your teeth more support when biting down, which makes it ideal for molars.

Veneers Are Safe

In fact, a study of patients with veneers found that almost 8 out of 10 patients were satisfied with their veneers after 2 years. Veneers look good while protecting your teeth. However, just as your natural teeth do, your veneers need care. Otherwise, like natural teeth, they can weaken and break or be overrun by bacteria.

If you think veneers or dental crowns are a good option for you, make sure you seek out a reputable and trusted cosmetic dentist before you commit.

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