Could Zirconia Be the Answer to Your Long-Term Dental Issues?

It can sometimes be difficult to live with dental imperfection, which could be the result of years of inaction or neglect. The individual may understand that this situation is getting worse as time goes by, but they still avoid making that appointment through a mixture of apathy, fear and resignation. They may think that there is no point in taking action because they cannot restore their smile to its original beauty and, as a consequence, may go through life with a very sour outlook. However, they don't take into account developments in dental technology that have revolutionised the outlook in complex cases like this. It truly is possible to create any particular type of look and fix those underlying problems by using space-age materials like zirconia. If you're in this position right now, why should you talk with your dentist to see what they can do?


In cases like this, the individual may have some superficial damage to repair associated with cavities or other issues, but they may be particularly unhappy with the general appearance of their teeth. They may have been grinding at night and have worn down the opposing surface or may have suffered a lot of discolouration due to a buildup of plaque. Some of the teeth may be perfectly okay from both a condition and appearance point of view, while others may be rather the opposite.

Matching Materials

In days gone by, the dentist may not have had a wide range of options, and the end result would be a compromise. However today, they're able to use different materials to create a smile to match any taste. This has been brought about largely by the introduction of zirconia, which is very lightweight and malleable, impossible to detect and great when it comes to matching.


The dentist is able to bond these dental veneers to the natural tooth, and even though they are very thin and lightweight, they are completely opaque. This means that the dentin beneath will not show through, and this will not lead to any visible lines or other imperfections to mar that perfect smile.

Easier to Accept

This material may make the job a lot easier for the dentist as well, as he or she won't have to mill down the original surface too much in order to receive the overlay. Nevertheless, zirconia is very resistant to fracture and can be used in virtually any position within the mouth with minimal risk of breakage due to impact.

This Could Be for You

You may be able to achieve the look of your dreams by choosing zirconia for your treatment process. The only way for you to find out is to talk with your dentist as soon as possible to set the ball in motion.

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