How To Decide If Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right For You

Cosmetic dentistry is a field that involves many different procedures, from tooth whitening to things like implants and veneers. Whether you want straighter and whiter teeth or have missing or chipped teeth, the tips below will help you decide whether to commit to dental work.

Decide How Much It Matters To You

Some people have high self-esteem and do not spend time thinking about their teeth, although they may be aware that their teeth don't look as good as they could. However, a 2017 article in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research found that 'dental disorders' such as missing teeth and misaligned teeth can severely affect self-esteem, leading to avoidance of social activities and lower quality of life. Therefore, you should think carefully and be honest with yourself about how the appearance of your teeth affects your social and mental life. As a rule, if you feel too embarrassed to smile or laugh, or if you find yourself thinking about what you could do if your teeth looked better, it's time to start investigating your options.

Evaluate Your Finances

One of the biggest barriers to getting cosmetic dentistry, for most people, is the cost. However, cosmetic dentistry is getting more common and more affordable, and you should certainly look up the cost of the treatment you want, as you might be surprised. Colgate has some money-saving advice for those who need braces, such as getting conventional yet less attractive braces or working with your bank to get a loan. You could also ask your dentist about cheaper options that may be available, or about any payment plans offered – many dentists now offer weekly or monthly payment plans for cosmetic procedures, which allow you to spread the cost over a longer time. Think about how much you can afford to spend, either monthly or as a lump sum, and look for a procedure that fits your budget.

Speak To A Cosmetic Dentist

Speaking to a cosmetic dentist is one of the best ways to decide if cosmetic dentistry is for you. Some dentists are happy to offer a free or cut-price consultation, where they can advise you on what treatments are best for you, what they involve, and what they would cost. You can also ask about any reservations you have, such as the level of pain or inconvenience involved. As Dear Doctor suggests, you might also want to ask if you can see before and after pictures of their recent clients to get a good idea of what they can achieve. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you can think of or to choose another dentist if you don't feel respected or listened to.

Deciding whether to get cosmetic dental work done is a big decision, as it can involve a significant financial commitment. However, by following the tips above and thinking carefully, you can make an informed decision that's right for you.

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