How to Find the Perfect Child Dentist

Being a parent can be tough at times. There are always a million things that you have to remember at any one time, and good oral health isn't always as near the top of the list as it should be.

Children's teeth are sensitive. When comparing children's teeth to adult teeth, you should know that the teeth of a child are always more likely to fracture and are more susceptible to cavities. To ensure that your child's teeth receive the care and attention they need, it is vital that you take your child to visit a children's dentist at least twice a year.  

What makes a good child dentist? In simple terms, there really isn't that much to separate a child dentist from an adult dentist. Both should have received the same medical training and both will have the same responsibilities towards their patients. The only real difference is the specialist training a child dentist will have received to help them deal with child patients. A specialist paediatric dentist is a great choice, especially if your child is nervous or has autism or a similar condition. A child dentist will have studied techniques including conscious and deep sedation to help treat these patients and put them at ease. To help you choose the perfect child dentist for your family, here are three things that you should consider before making your final choice.

  • How are their child management skills? A child dentist should know how to work with children. They should understand especially how to interact with children who have behavioural difficulties. Watch the body language of the dentist. Do they greet you with a smile? How is their tone of voice? Do they try to force a child to do something or do they use persuasion and attempt to build trust with the child first? Look for a dentist who works hard to build a friendly relationship with your child rather than one who issues instructions.
  • Where is the children's dentist located? Finding a great dentist is good, but if they are based a long distance from your home then not only are you more tempted to skip check-ups because of the journey, but the prolonged car journey allows time for tension and fear to build up inside your child. Finding a local dentist, ideally one located in an area with which your child is familiar, can go a long way towards allaying their fear of the dentist.
  • What is the atmosphere like? No one likes waiting, but a child dentist who takes the time to stock the waiting room with toys and child-friendly books can help to relieve stress and make the waiting room a more pleasant place for both you and your child.

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