2 Main Causes of Tooth Wear

When it comes to dental visits, most people assume they are only necessary when they develop a severe oral problem such as gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities or even tooth loss. But these are not the only kinds of damage that you could be affected with. As you age, your body starts to break down at a steady pace. And your teeth are not exempted from this process.

With daily use, it is not surprising that your teeth will also start to wear down. Without seeking treatment to mitigate the rate at which this happens, you could end up with severe dental problems that may require you to get crowns or even implants. This article explores two of the leading causes of tooth wear.

1. Tooth erosion

Erosion is a type of wear that comes about when your teeth are in continual contact with either acids or chemicals. These substances are typically from beverages, but your teeth can be exposed to acids and chemicals when stomach bile rises to your mouth. Some people may assume that tooth erosion is uncommon, but the truth is the more carbonated and acidic drinks you ingest, the higher the risk of eroding the tooth enamel.

Moreover, the damage is not limited to the surface of the teeth. Over time, the acids and chemicals will start to affect your gum line too, which means steady damage to the base of the tooth and possibly the root also! Therefore, if you are afflicted with acid reflux or if carbonated drinks feature in your diet, you should be concerned about tooth erosion.

2. Tooth attrition

This kind of wear is typical among people who suffer from bruxism. The attrition is caused by the rubbing of the teeth against each other, causing the teeth to shorten with time. While some attrition will naturally occur as you age, attrition caused by bruxism develops at a much faster rate. When the attrition is not addressed, it caused significant alterations to the facets of the teeth. The facets refer to the pattern that dictates how the teeth naturally fit into each other. Hence, your chewing can become affected.

Secondly, tooth attrition also leads to the steady degradation of the enamel. Over time, enough enamel is lost until the dentin becomes exposed. Resultantly, you become highly sensitive to both hot and cold. Not to mention that you can also become at risk of requiring a root canal if the dentin starts to deteriorate too!

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