Why It May Be Time to Put the Tooth Fairy Out to Pasture

From time immemorial, parents have extended a tradition where they take their child's baby tooth and hide it beneath a pillow before the child goes to sleep. Then, they sneak into the room when the child is in slumber and swap it out for a small coin, attributing this action to a mystical "tooth fairy." Some people think that this tradition is overused and can create the wrong impression about tooth care. The child may not look at their teeth in the same way as they grow and may inadvertently expect issues to materialise, causing them to fall out through the course of their life. Surely, they may not expect them to magically morph into cash when they're older, but subconsciously they may not make so many visits to the dentist in the future. How can you help your youngster to develop a better relationship with their dentition?

What Exactly Are Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth are, of course, meant to fall out, as they have a vital preparatory role to play to make room for permanent replacements. These teeth are meant to forge the correct path through developing bone and gum structure, and once they fall out, the replacement teeth have a set path to follow. In other words, the baby teeth create the proper channels, even though this process may take quite a long time, and, in some people, can continue well into their teenage years.

Good Education

As this can often last for such a long time, it's crucial to take the child into the dentist's office from as early an age as possible; many experts recommend from their first birthday onwards. The dentist may not have a lot to do at that early stage, admittedly, but he or she will keep a close eye at subsequent appointments as they give the youngster a full examination.

Early Intervention

The goal here is to spot problems before they grow into something larger, as well as to give the parents good advice to help them educate the child. It's important for the youngster to learn proper cleaning practices, and the dentist will also help to show how this is done.

Keeping an Eye on Issues

It is unfortunate, but some young people are predisposed to issues with their dentition throughout their life and may even develop certain diseases. In this case, a different type of care regimen may be called for, but the crucial thing is that the dentist spots this as early as possible. They may also recommend more regular visits, rather than just an annual appointment.

Implications for the Future

Consider how important it is to book your child a dentist checkup in the bigger scheme of things. If they fall into a bad habit and suffer accordingly, it may cost them more than the simple coin that you placed underneath their pillow.

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