What Should You Do If Your Tooth Falls Out?

From about the age of six or seven, it is perfectly natural for teeth to fall out of their own accord. So long as the tooth concerned is a milk tooth and not an adult one, the only thing you need to do is to save it for the tooth fairy. However, it is not as simple as that if it is a mature tooth which has come out of its position in the gum. Adult teeth fall out for a variety of reasons including gum disease, tooth enamel decay and impacts to the mouth to name but a few. What action should you take if one of yours falls out?

Locate Your Tooth

If your tooth is in your mouth, then work it to the front of your mouth so you can take it out by its crown to inspect it. Avoid touching the root of your tooth because this will mean any repair work undertaken by an emergency dentist is less likely to succeed. If the tooth has fallen to the floor, then handle it with care, again avoiding handling the lower section of it. Ideally, it will be in one piece so that it can be reimplanted by a dentist.

Clean Your Tooth

If your tooth has become dirty after falling out, then it will be necessary to clean it. Sometimes you can do this just by spitting on it but remember to only touch the crown. You can also use milk or water to get the dirt off your tooth but avoid scrubbing it or using any cleaning products which will damage it.

Push Your Tooth Into Its Recess

When a tooth falls out of its socket, a hole is left behind. This is the best place for you to keep your tooth until you can see your dentist. The saliva in your mouth is the best thing for it until repair work can take place. It will also stop other things from falling into the otherwise empty tooth socket. If this is not feasible, perhaps because of a wider injury, then keep your tooth in a cup of milk.

Get to an Emergency Dentist as Soon as Possible

Time is of the essence if your tooth is to be reimplanted with any chance of long-term success. Don't delay and think about turning up to your dental practice the next day. People with teeth that have fallen out only have a few short hours to have restorative work undertaken to save their tooth. If this is not possible, then all is not lost because a dental implant can always be fitted to replace the tooth.

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